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We offer an enterprise cloud based solution that connects data, information, and systems to generate demand for our partners

Tools Requested By, And Built For The Specification Community

ATS enhances the design development process by providing options to review manufacturers’ product details, and build customized and accurate specification packages complete with images, written specs, 3D BIM families, budget pricing, and more.

About ATS Software

Connect your entire business from Owner to Order using industry leading digital tools.

ATS Spec Solutions started in 1969 after the founder Lou Petro worked in the Mechanical Consulting Engineering business for a number of years and had an idea that plumbing specifications could be written more concisely and easier. Since 1969 ATS has been providing Technical Specification Information to all designers.

icon of iPad with visual charts and graphsOver the next 15 years, ATS slowly expanded its coverage area to span all of the Greater Toronto Area, with further expansion naturally occurring as Designers using the Spec Service moved outside of Toronto. Expansion was facilitated and made possible due to technological advances, such as the proliferation of the fax machine. By the mid-1980’s, ATS’ coverage extended to most of southern Ontario.

Further expansion occurred throughout the 1990’s and today, with the use of computers, e-mail and the Internet, ATS has a coverage area consisting of the major metropolitan centres in Canada and the United States.

The ATS Team currently has a staff of 140 people and the ATS Spec Service has expanded to reach over 70,000 Users.

Almost 50 years ago, our founder made a commitment to do business differently. Our five core values ground us and push us to do more and be better every day.

Our Mission

ATS generates demand for the construction industry’s leading products and brands by providing world-class specification services and information solutions.

Through our partnerships and our experience, we develop innovative technologies that save designers, manufacturers and distributors time as they provide the right information to the community to create great spaces where people live, work, learn, heal, and play.

By our commitment to our values and our ideas we bring changes to the construction industry, through onlines tools that connect information from Owner to Order.

Our Vision

ATS is a world leader in generating demand for the construction industry.

Why Choose ATS?

Building Trusting Relationships With Our Partners

Many of ATS Customers have been using our solutions for the past 50 years. What started from analog solutions has transformed into industry leading cloud based platforms delivering efficiency and reliability.

Connect With Us

ATS Software is committed to excellence, accountability and innovation.

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