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ATS AutoQuote in Numbers

Million Dollars Quoted in 2023
Products Quoted by Wholesale / Reps / Manufacturers in 2023
Projects Pre-loaded into ATS AutoQuote
Pre-loaded Products in Cross Reference
Pre-loaded Shop Drawings

ATS AutoQuote is the only project and quote management platform that connects all touch points within the construction industry.


AI Takeoff

AI reads plans & specs in minutes to identify & extract all products specified in the project. Save hours of reading project documents and manually entering product line items.


AutoQuote learns your quoting preferences & can be set to perform crosses automatically.

When your quote platform learns which items you typically quote, you end up with more more consistent and accurate quotes and you save time by having the system auto-populate your preferred SKU, cross or alternative.

Speed up your quote response times by instantly downloading quote, submittals & O&M’s

Getting your finished quote out the door in record time so you can win more projects is what AutoQuote does best, and when you need shop drawings and O&M’s these are also just available instantly saving you time and giving you an advantage with your customers.

Document Management

Store, organize and manage project documents easily in AutoQuote and share with team members for better control over revisions and document storage.

Job tracking & opportunity analysis

AutoQuote helps you track projects by status as well as report on important metrics such as % of quote by brand or category to help report your most valuable products and lines.

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They do quote all of our lines, and have been for over a year. They have been very good about getting the quotes out well in advance of the bid dates (quicker than we were capable of) and in an easy to use format.

Randy Schaefer, WMS - Sales Rep Agency
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