ATS Software announces new AutoQuote users

ATS Software, a leading technology company servicing the North American building supply industry, continues to attract customers and partners that are embracing artificial intelligence and the era of digital transformation.  ATS is proud to announce agreements with the following companies who are leading their organizations into the future using the ATS AutoQuote platform to revolutionize the project quotation process:

Led by proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven technology, the AutoQuote platform allows customers to quote commercial jobs in minutes as opposed to hours. This solution gives forward thinking rep firms, wholesalers and manufacturers the edge they need to increase volumes of quotes while reducing costs through automation and innovation. “We are a firm that prides itself on innovation and exceeding industry standards and the partnership with ATS allows us to do just that” said Joe Kuklis, Managing Partner with Ironclad Partners, LLC. 

Further, ATS’s customer success team is focused on helping new clients manage the adoption of AutoQuote to ensure that customers are able to take full advantage of all of the capabilities that the solution offers.  “I could not be more proud of the hard work of our full product and development teams but also of our customer success team who works tirelessly to ensure that our customers are winning with this new tool” said Bill Petro, President and second generation leader of ATS software.  


About ATS Software

ATS Software is pioneering the use of automation, connected processes and artificial intelligence to transform the spec to quote steps to improve productivity, simplify quotation effort and drive ROI for manufacturers, rep firms and wholesalers. ATS increases exposure and demand for building product manufacturers through a marketplace style specification writing platform and addresses the most manual and inefficient  tasks in the quoting process through the first commercially available AI spec reader that automatically creates a quote in less than five minutes, eliminating the need to read and extract products from specs and drawings and manually build a quote. ATS has helped thousands of architects, engineers, manufacturers, reps and wholesale users achieve billions of dollars worth of both design and sales throughput in commercial plumbing, electrical and mechanical projects. 

ATS has been in business over 50 years and is headquartered in Toronto Canada.. 

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