ATS Software welcomes Murdock

ATS SpecTool, a free cloud-based specification authoring platform, is pleased to announce the addition of Murdock to the platform. Murdock products are now available to ATS SpecTool users to add to their project specifications giving architects, designers and engineers a valuable option to be added to their projects.

Murdock Manufacturing has been designing, manufacturing, and selling bottle fillers, drinking fountains, water coolers, hydrants, pet fountains, and more since 1853. Murdock has been the trusted supplier of fresh, clean water wherever it’s needed. “We are thrilled to welcome Murdock to SpecTool’s growing list of commercial plumbing products,” said ATS SpecTool president, Billy Petro. “Murdock products are recognized for their quality and durability. We look forward to offering our customers the opportunity to access Murdock’s products through ATS SpecTool.”

ATS SpecTool is committed to providing the most comprehensive product selection to its customers, and the addition of Murdock’s product line will benefit all projects requiring a reliable drinking fountain solution.



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