AutoQuote Release Notes January 28, 2023

What’s New

Check Inventory While you Quote

Wholesalers, we are happy to inform you that Autoquote will now be able to show your stocked and non-stocked products!

When you are adding in a product while quoting, the product drop down will now show you if it’s stock item in your warehouse  and the quantity available (as shown below) or Qty:#

When a non-stock product is quoted, there is additional functionality to automatically add a notification to your customer around your non stock policies. 

This functionality is only available to customers with an ERP integration. For a list of ERP that AutoQuote integrates to visit 

Inventory level can also be seen from the Products and Package List page. Simply click on a product and the side  pop-up window on the right will let you know price, and inventory levels.


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