SpecTool Release Notes August 11, 2023

What’s New

ATS Spec can now help with HVAC System Design

ATS Spec Tool is  thrilled to welcome First Co., a leader, innovator, and trusted supplier of a broad range of high quality HVAC products for the multi-family industry to the ATS SpecTool. 

Products available include Air Handler units, Condensers and more. To see the full product offering simply choose HVAC systems on Spec Tool.

Welcome to Our New Naming Conventions 

We’ve always believed that keeping our platform easy-to-use, visually appealing, and user-centric is the key to providing an exceptional experience. With some of your feedback we’ve recently made some significant changes to our User Interface (UI). 

Introducing ‘Quick Specs’

We realized that standalone specifications, those not linked to any projects, needed their own separate identity. Say hello to “Quick Specs”! This new name symbolizes the agility and speed of access that these unassociated specifications provide.

The New ‘Product Groups’

All specifications that exist within a project have been rebranded to “Product Groups”. We’ve chosen this name as it encapsulates the idea of an assembly of specifications, unified under a single project. So, instead of scanning through a list of scattered specifications, all related items are smartly grouped together for your convenience.

‘ATS Templates’ – A Fresh Identity

Our Master templates have undergone a transformation too! They are now known as “ATS Templates”. This change not only adds a fresh coat of paint to the templates but also ensures alignment with our evolving UI dynamics.

Enhanced Searchability inside a Project or Master 

Finally, to improve navigability and user-friendliness, we are thrilled to announce a new feature – the Spec Detail Page is now searchable! Whether you’re searching by product number, series, or drawing label, finding the information you need is now just a quick search away!

We believe these changes will greatly improve your experience in navigating our platform. As always, we are eager to hear your feedback. Feel free to share your thoughts and help us in making your experience smoother.


Want to learn more about how to use the ATS Spec Tool?

There are many learn how to use ATS Spec Tool Tutorial videos here or click here to book a demo.

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