SpecTool Release Notes November 22, 2023


What’s New

Water Heater Stands and Platforms

If your project requires a Water Heater platform or stand you can now specify one through the ATS Spec Tool. The water heater accessories from HoldRite are third-party tested and proven to connect, elevate and secure water heaters so they use less floor space and protect against damage from earthquakes.  ATS Spec Tool will help find the best platform based on the Water Heater you specify. To learn more about the Water Heater Platforms click here

On the ATS Spec Tool, simply search for Water Heaters and all  the possible stands and platforms will appear.


Updates to ATS Spec Tool Dashboards

In an attempt to support Engineers and Architects using ATS Spec Tool, we are revamping the dashboard. In this first phase you will find a few new Widgets.

The “My Engagement Widget”  will deliver custom updates on your user activity, which means you get the most relevant information as soon as you log in. This can help you keep track of what you are working on.

The “Welcome, Let’s Get Started”  widget should help simplify  decision-making and will lead any user to kick off the process of starting a project on ATS Spec Tool, taking advantage of the smart recommendations based on Building Code Rules throughout Canada and the United States. 

The “Quick Actions” provides navigation to different key parts of the platform. The widget can break down complex tasks, guide newcomers, and make regular tasks more efficient, leading to a simplified and more enjoyable user experience.

Any widget can be easily updated, moved around simply the gear on the top right hand corner, click Edit Layout and click on a widget  drag and drop it into wherever you want to see the widget. Or to delete a widget on your dashboard simply click the Delete button


Widgets can also be resized, simply hover your mouse over the corners of the widget.

What’s Improved

Keep your Masters or Project Specifications more organized, by ordering Product Groups.

If you use product groups to organize your work on ATS Spec Tool  you can move the product groups and order which will be seen first in the application.

Want to learn more about how to use the ATS Spec Tool?

There are many learn how to use ATS Spec Tool Tutorial videos here or click here to book a demo.

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