AutoQuote Release Notes June 26, 2024

What’s New

Win/Lose Tracking Is Here! More Data from the  Advanced Reporting

Customer Awarded/Lost status is now available in both quote edit and project key contacts, included in advanced reporting.

ATS understands the importance of data driven decision making for every business.

With this new feature anyone has the  ability to monitor which customers are awarded, and your win  and losses at both the Project and Quote level, automatically input bid values, attach bid notes, and generate advanced reports for in-depth analysis. Our tool is a game-changer for any sales team.

To get started once your customers are added to a quote your team will need to update who was awarded. 

This can happen from the newly redesigned customer section within the Quote Edit screen. Simply  click on Customers, from the drop down select Awarded or Lost

If Awarded is selected the BID Value will be the total quote value for that customer.

There is also an ability to leave notes regarding the Bid or the Quote. 

The same updates can be made from the Key Contacts on the Project Detail page. 

Simply click on the 3 dots next to key contacts , click on Bid Status and update which customer was awarded the project.

To get the best results for the reporting feature don’t forget to mark what quote you received a Purchase Order for. 

You will then be able to generate an Advanced Report, from the Reports section. 

Exports an excel report with three new columns which tracks Customer, Project Status who was awarded and  that looks like this 

It can be transformed into a report that can outline your Close Rate for each customer. 

If you need help setting this up, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or click here to book a meeting.


Harnessing Big Data compare Basis of Design versus what was quoted. 

Basis of Design is now available as an option in the advanced quote report for all quotes generated using A.I.

Unlock the power of big data to revolutionize your approach as a manufacturer or manufacturer representative. With our latest feature, Basis of Design Analysis in the Advanced Quote Report, you can tap into vast data sets to pinpoint the frequency of any  brand being specified as the basis of design. This cutting-edge tool offers unparalleled insights into brand visibility, enabling you to tailor strategies that resonate with architects and engineers, ultimately increasing the probability of being chosen as the preferred brand.

This feature is only available to AutoQuote users who are using AI. 

Go to the Reports tab, select Advanced Report. Set up the time frame for the search , scroll down to the Basis of Design section, type  the brand of interest or product number  and then click the Download button to get the report.

The advanced report will only export quotes where the basis of design was that brand or product number you searched against and it will show what you quoted. 

Here is a sample report,


Automatically Added Newly Created Products

Newly created products in quote edit can be automatically inserted into quote 

We are all about efficiency and flexibility. Now when working on a quote, if you create a  new product  it will be inserted into the quote automatically. When you click +Product

You will now see an option to Save and Add Product to Quote OR Save Only and Exit. When you click Save and Add Product it will automatically appear in your quote. 


What’s Improved 

Bothered By The Product/Section Notes Not Showing Fully?

Product/Section notes now auto-expand to the length of the notes

Very often a product/section note can be lengthy. You would need an extra click to see the full note in the previous version, but not anymore. 

Now the product/section notes will automatically expand to the length of the notes that allow you see the full note without any extra effort.


Need To Change Product Quantities In A Package? 

Product quantities in packages are now available, along with the option to reorder products within packages

We listen to our users and are constantly improving product functionalities to accommodate customer needs. Now you can define the quantity of a product in a package as you want, together with the ability to drag and drop to reorder products within the package.


Click here to book a meeting with your customer success person to set this up.

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