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SpecTool Release Notes April 5, 2024


Using your Master  an ATS template just got easier For any firm who has their Office Master on ATS Spec Tool or wishes to use ATS template for a project we have an improved way to copy from your master into a project. This game-changing feature empowers you to effortlessly browse through your master content, cherry-pick the products you need, and seamlessly decide the sequence in which they should be integrated into your ongoing projects. By simplifying the review and selection process, you can now save valuable time and ensure a more tailored, efficient project execution that perfectly aligns with your [...]

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AutoQuote Release Notes February 21, 2024


Introducing Our New Feature: Quote multiple customers with one click! We are thrilled to announce a new feature on our platform that's all about saving you time and boosting your efficiency. We've listened to your feedback and we're continually improving our platform to enhance your user experience.   Download Quotes for Multiple Customers Simultaneously One of the highlights of our latest update is the capability to download the same quote for multiple customers at once. Traditionally, you'd need to download a quote separately for each customer - a process that could be time-consuming. With our new feature, you can handle multiple [...]

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AutoQuote Release Notes January 30, 2024


Streamlining Quotation Process: Exciting Integration & Enhanced Viewing Experience Pop out the spec, before you quote!  PDF Viewer You can bid farewell to the inconvenience of switching between various pages and tools to refer to original construction  documents while converting specifications into quotes. A.I. identified products will appear as hyperlinks under the A.I. identified products section. Clicking on these hyperlinks will open a new window displaying the page where the product was found. This feature ensures easy reference to product details and offers improved traceability, making it even easier for you to verify and examine product details. We've also improved the [...]

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AutoQuote Release Notes January 10, 2024


Enhancing Team Management and Reporting: Exciting New Features! Easier way to read and Quote, using AI  In our previous version of the Autoquote AI, the process to create a quote was a two-step process. First, you would train the AI with your product preferences. Then, this trained AI would generate a quote where pricing might need to be updated that could be sent to your customers. But now, we're thrilled to unveil a major consolidation that enhances this process: Our "Spec to Quote" page has undergone a drastic transformation, merging these two stages into a single, seamless workflow. In this newly [...]

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AutoQuote Release Notes December 14, 2023


We’re thrilled to announce a major update to AutoQuote along with several critical improvements that we believe will significantly enhance your business productivity and streamline daily operations. These updates, based on the feedback we received from our valued users, are now live and ready for use!   What’s New: Simplify Operations and Installation Manuals  First AutoQuote made it easier for any Plumbing Wholesaler to Develop Shop Drawings (or Submittals) now the same concept has been added for the development of Operations and Installation Manuals (O&Ms) directly within our platform. This feature is designed to simplify the process of creating professional, detailed, [...]

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SpecTool Release Notes November 22, 2023


  What’s New Water Heater Stands and Platforms If your project requires a Water Heater platform or stand you can now specify one through the ATS Spec Tool. The water heater accessories from HoldRite are third-party tested and proven to connect, elevate and secure water heaters so they use less floor space and protect against damage from earthquakes.  ATS Spec Tool will help find the best platform based on the Water Heater you specify. To learn more about the Water Heater Platforms click here.  On the ATS Spec Tool, simply search for Water Heaters and all  the possible stands and platforms [...]

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AutoQuote Release Notes October 11, 2023


Harnessing Innovation: New Features, Improvements and Fixes on Our Platform In the dynamic world of technology, the ability to evolve and improve is everything. That's why we are thrilled to share some new features, improvements, and bug fixes on our platform. Let's delve deeper into each of these exciting updates. What's New: Improving the Product Configurator Our commitment to improving user experience takes center stage with the newly enhanced Product Configurator. Recognizing that pricing can often be a complex process, we've integrated a price summary list feature. This will simplify list pricing for multiple options, making it easier for you to [...]

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SpecTool Release Notes October 11, 2023


What’s New Include or Exclude Drawing Labels? Spec Tool users can now include or exclude drawing labels when downloading or printing documents.  Here is how it works: When on the “Download Spec Documents’ page. Click on the ‘CSI 3 Part Spec’ tab on the bottom of the ‘Print Format’ list. Check or uncheck the box ‘Include all drawing labels in spec document print’. What's Improved Never Accidentally Delete an Office Spec Tool admin users are protected from the dreaded ‘I accidentally deleted an office with active users!!’. Additional tooltip in the Team Management page to safeguard against deletion of offices with [...]

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SpecTool Release Notes September 21, 2023


What's New American Standard is introducing a fresh Cool Sunrise through its cutting-edge new finishes American Standard has expanded their offering of finishes for both bath and kitchen faucets and they are now available on Spec Tool. Matt Black is now offered in almost all of their collections covering a range of styles from traditional to contemporary. And Brushed Cool Sunrise (.GN0) has been added as a new finish (similar to the the finish offered by Grohe)  To access these new finishes simply look for the bath and kitchen faucet and click on the finish. ATS Spec Tool will configure the [...]

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AutoQuote Release Notes August 11, 2023


Fine-Tuning Our Features: Exciting Updates You'll Love At our core, we believe in constant evolution and adaptation to enhance our user experience. It's this philosophy that leads us to announce some significant tweaks to our platform. As always, your comfort and ease of use have been our guiding lights in making these changes. What's New Custom Email Display on Quotes  - Default Settings Are you using a group email address or a custom email address on your quotes?  To facilitate this, custom email can now be set up by default for every quote. This way, you can effortlessly see the email [...]

AutoQuote Release Notes August 11, 20232023-08-11T20:09:19+00:00
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