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Using your Master  an ATS template just got easier

For any firm who has their Office Master on ATS Spec Tool or wishes to use ATS template for a project we have an improved way to copy from your master into a project.

This game-changing feature empowers you to effortlessly browse through your master content, cherry-pick the products you need, and seamlessly decide the sequence in which they should be integrated into your ongoing projects. By simplifying the review and selection process, you can now save valuable time and ensure a more tailored, efficient project execution that perfectly aligns with your requirements. Upgrade your workflow today and experience the unmatched benefits brought to you by our enhanced copying functionality.

When  you are on the Project Detail page, click on the “Orange + Button”  and  instead of choosing the “Add new Drawing”  option from the drop down select “Add Drawing from Masters and Templates.”

A side bar will appear where you can see all of your office Masters OR a tab for ATS Templates. 

Click on the master or template you want to copy from, click on the six dots and drag and drop the drawing into any spot you want in your project. 

To learn how to create a master click here 


Warm up any driveway with an Electric Snow and Ice Melting (SIM) System 

 ATS Spec Tool has made Snow Melting Easy by designing a system using Suntouch ProMelt® System. 

To start your design look for Electric Heating Cables and Mats under Division 23 and ATS Spec Tool will guide you to choose from   ProMelt® Mats or Cables and the system will guide you to control panels and everything else required to complete your project.

Then download your customized CSI 3 part specification revit files and more. 

To learn more about Suntouch Snow Melt Systems click here.

ATS Spec Tool has been updated to recommend fixtures, architectural specialties  based on the 2024 British Columbia Code.

As of March 8 2024, the 2024 edition of the BC Building Code, along with Book II Plumbing Systems (BC Codes 2024), has gone into effect for the  Province of British Columbia. This notable revision introduces various modifications and improvements designed to enhance safety, accessibility, and sustainability in construction practices throughout the province.

In order to support these changes ATS has modified its product recommendations for any project that is designed for the province of BC. 

To learn more about the code changes and how it affects the specification of products inside the restroom  click here 

If you would like a full copy of the building code click here. 

Want to learn more about how to use the ATS Spec Tool?

There are many learn how to use ATS Spec Tool Tutorial videos here or click here to book a demo.

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