SpecTool Release Notes June 26, 2024

Connecting the dots for Architects and Interior Designers

According to some, an architect’s biggest challenge when designing a washroom is often optimizing the limited space available while ensuring functionality, accessibility, and meeting building codes and regulations. But often overlooked is  incorporating aesthetic elements and materials that are both durable and easy to maintain. 

ATS Spec Tool has made it easier for anyone who is involved in the design process of a washroom or locker room.


Review Color Charts

Spec Tool will now show you all the color charts or swatches for partitions, lockers, stone lavatory and multi lavatory systems. To see the swatches  click on any Series of Partitions and click on the Swatch Preview tab.

If you need more time to decide the finish simply click “To Be Determined” and when you download the Submittal or  Product Brochure you will have a copy of the  STANDARD COLORS & PATTERNS for the specific Partition, Locker or Multi-lav you selected. This should help make your finish selection easier in the future. 

Coordinated Construction Documents

After the decision on partition and  lockers is made and approved download a new and improved CSI  3 part specification. This  updated 3 part specification  is customized to the product you just configured and is ready to add to your Project Manual with little to no edits. 


Sample CSI Specification for Partitions


Click here to download a sample of the 3 part specification generated on ATS Spec Tool. 

ATS has also upgraded the revit files that allow your BIM Coordinator or whomever is designing the project in Revit to layout out partitions for a  ADA design (or a stall with a 60” x 60” turning radius) or general use stall. 


Sample Evolve Partitions Revit File 

The other download formats will also coordinate which includes Architectural Specialties schedule, Manufacturer spec sheets and more. To learn more how ATS Spec Tool can help Architects click here


ATS Spec Tool has been updated to recommend fixtures, architectural specialties  based on the 2024 British Columbia Code changes.

As of March 8 2024, the 2024 edition of the BC Building Code, along with Book II Plumbing Systems (BC Codes 2024), has gone into effect for the  Province of British Columbia. This notable revision introduces various modifications and improvements designed to enhance safety, accessibility, and sustainability in construction practices throughout the province.

In order to support these changes ATS has modified its product recommendations for any project that is designed for the province of BC. 

To learn more about the code changes and how it affects the specification of products inside the restroom  click here 

Want to learn more about how to use the ATS Spec Tool?

There are many learn how to use ATS Spec Tool Tutorial videos here or click here to book a demo.

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