Why haven’t I received my login credentials?

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Check your spam/junk mail folders to see if the email is in there.

The Subject line should be “ ATS Spec Tool | Registration Email” and it should come from info@atsspec.com

Please make sure you  move the email out of the junk folder and into their primary inbox. This action will teach your inbox that they want to receive messages from ATS in the future.


If the email isn’t found in the junk or spam folder, you may have  an email security software or firewall that quarantined the email before it reached your inbox.

  • Ask  your IT team to check the email server. Provide your IT Team with the subject line of the email, the From address this information will help your IT administrator locate the email and investigate why it was quarantined.

To prevent this from happening in the future, please add our sending IP addresses to their allowlist with their IT team. Please email info@atsspec.com for a current list of IP addresses.

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