AutoQuote Release Notes August 11, 2023


Fine-Tuning Our Features: Exciting Updates You'll Love At our core, we believe in constant evolution and adaptation to enhance our user experience. It's this philosophy that leads us to announce some significant tweaks to our platform. As always, your comfort and ease of use have been our guiding lights in making these changes. What's New Custom Email Display on Quotes  - Default Settings Are you using a group email address or a custom email address on your quotes?  To facilitate this, custom email can now be set up by default for every quote. This way, you can effortlessly see the email [...]

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AutoQuote Release Notes June 29, 2023


What’s New Maintain Pricing in AutoQuote with new self-serve solutions.  Now any AutoQuote Customer can update pricing for any manufacturer, improve product descriptions or update Nets   In order to preserve the integrity of pricing, this mass pricing update is only available to the l Firm admins in each organization. On the Products tab  you will now see a new button available to you located on the top right of the page, the “Upload Products” button. You have two options to choose from, Bulk add new products, and Bulk update existing products. Adding a new manufacturer to AutoQuote? Or a new product [...]

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AutoQuote Release Notes June 07, 2023


What's New Keeping your Projects Organized Any project manager on AutoQuote  now has the option to establish a default folder structure that will automatically be added to new or existing projects, streamlining the process, saving valuable time, and enhancing overall organization. First navigate to your settings, then select Attachment Folders, and click on the “+” located on the top right corner of the page. Now you are given the opportunity to set up how all the default folders for your projects will look like. After you finish customizing your template and press OK. Now whenever you are on the project page, [...]

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AutoQuote Release Notes April 28, 2023


What's New Showcasing a product with an image Ever wonder how a product looks when you are looking at a quote? On Autoquote we can now include product images and manufacturer names, with the ability to enable or disable these options in the settings. This setting can be toggled on and off at your convenience before you download your quote. If an image is missing, users can now upload product  images to the firm products in their library using product cards, enhancing their quoting workflow and the presentation of final quote letters. No more duplicates When creating a new project, users [...]

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AutoQuote Release Notes April 06, 2023


What’s New Check Inventory While you Quote Users now have the ability to view products in a package, including inventory levels, prior to adding the package into a quote, providing greater transparency, and allowing users to make informed decisions. Just hovering over the arrow located on the right side of the package, will expand the package to show what products are within the package, and their relative stock levels for that product. More information when quoting A New expand/collapse button added into the quote edit screen, allowing users to view product descriptions and notes for all products in a section. With [...]

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AutoQuote Release Notes January 28, 2023


What’s New Check Inventory While you Quote Wholesalers, we are happy to inform you that Autoquote will now be able to show your stocked and non-stocked products! When you are adding in a product while quoting, the product drop down will now show you if it's stock item in your warehouse  and the quantity available (as shown below) or Qty:# When a non-stock product is quoted, there is additional functionality to automatically add a notification to your customer around your non stock policies.  This functionality is only available to customers with an ERP integration. For a list of ERP that AutoQuote [...]

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AutoQuote Release Notes January 19, 2023


What’s New Multiple bug fixes You will no longer get an error message when downloading a shop drawing that contains a bookmark.  Internal name / Internal Number characters have increased on the project details page to prevent names from being cut-off during editing.  The package drawer will now properly close when navigating out of the tab.   Want to learn more about these features or other functionality on AutoQuote. Book a meeting?

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AutoQuote Release Notes December 08, 2022


What’s New A picture is worth a thousand words Set your quote apart  by  adding images to your quote. Change the way customers see what your organization is quoting.  This will help your customers know the different manufacturers and create a greater brand  and product awareness.  This is how it looks now! To enable this new feature, first head to your Quote Customization page. Select the template of your choosing, and turn it on for your firm. Based on the manufacturers you quote your account could be pre-loaded with more than 15 000 product images. Contact your customer success team to [...]

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AutoQuote Release Notes November 10, 2022


Improvements Auto Quote’s new display overhaul Tired of changing your display brightness or shade to figure out those hard to read numbers? Not anymore. The font and background colors for AutoQuote have been revamped for easier readability when quoting your projects. Old display   New display The pricing data coming from the system (non editable numbers) now have a darker font with a better contrast of the column colors. No more adjusting colors or squinting your eyes! We’ve also made minor adjustments to how our information is presented. The “Expiry Date” located on multiple pages of the quotes tab, will now [...]

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